CTC focuses on each and every employee as a human being, instead of seeing them as simply an asset. To that end, our work culture is built on the pillars of the community, active improvement, and personal pride.

Community: CTC believes that a positive and team-oriented work environment provides benefits far beyond morale. Through a combination of competitive compensation/benefits, open office layouts, transparent management, and regular social events (both in and out of the office), we have successfully created a workspace as productive as it is welcoming. This is exemplified through CTC’s employee retention rate regularly staying at well over 90% year to year.

Active Improvement: CTC is not a workspace that settles for adequate. From the lowest intern to our executive staff, everyone at CTC is encouraged to constantly find new ways to improve themselves, find confidence in their career path, and create their own success. As a formal policy, we provide every employee a yearly stipend of $2,500 specifically for continuing education, in addition to offering exclusive training opportunities and outlets.

Personal Pride: CTC employees are encouraged to always invest themselves into their work, and to take pride in their many accomplishments. Even though we work with technology, CTC is very much a “people” business, in that we actively recognize that all of the technological advances in the world are worthless without the knowledgeable, confident staff that keep the wheels turning. As part of our established and certified methodology, we do everything we can to set up our employees for success, and this lets our employees approach every task with the confidence they deserve.

CTC weaves these values into all of our staffing initiatives, whether they be internal or external. Our approach works for both us and our clients, and we couldn’t be prouder of the hard-working employees who make it happen!