CTC is a small business established in 1992 with corporate offices in Bethesda, MD and employees in over 17 US States.

CTC is recognized as a leading provider in software development, information technology services, systems engineering, cloud computing services, content management systems, and technical staffing support to the Government and Commercial markets.

CTC’s long-standing success is the direct result of long-term relationships with satisfied customers. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive, cost-effective, innovative solutions and outstanding customer service that enable each of our customers to achieve mission objectives. All our services incorporate Cyber Security to the highest industry and federal standards, and we deliver end-to-end solutions that leverage world class technologies to solve their problems.


CTC values each employee as a person and individual instead of seeing them as simply an asset. To that end, our work culture is built with employees who are happy and thriving in work they enjoy.  Our work culture gives our employees the freedom to pursue challenges and further education as well as specialized training for advancement within our organization.  We are a family of employees that work together toward common goals.

CTC believes that a positive and team-oriented work environment provides benefits far beyond morale. Through a combination of competitive compensation/benefits, transparent management, and touch bases with everyone we have successfully created a workplace as productive as it is welcoming. This is exemplified through CTC’s employee retention rate regularly staying at well over 90% year to year.

Everyone at CTC is encouraged to find new ways to improve themselves, find confidence in their career path, and create their own success. As a formal policy, we offer every employee a yearly allowance of $2,500 specifically for continuing education, certifications, and specialized training.

CTC employees are encouraged to always invest themselves in their work, and to take pride in their many accomplishments. Even though we work with technology,

CTC is very much a “people” business, in that we actively recognize that all of the technological advances in the world are worthless without the knowledgeable, confident staff that keep the wheels turning. As part of our corporate culture, we do everything we can to set up our employees for success, and this lets our employees approach every task with the confidence they deserve.