CTC’s Global Content Management practice is focused on leveraging the best in class enterprise, open source, and COTS solutions to meet customers content organization, classification, management, and delivery needs on multiple platforms and over 50 languages.  We have successfully implemented several hundred CMS installations for federal, state, and local levels of governments,  and we’ve also provided solutions for multiple Fortune 500 and medium-sized businesses.

Count on our full service solutions in web design, usability, development, deployment, and content/site management services to fit your wallet, too. After all, creating success within your budget directly reflects back on us. But there’s so much to know and so many directions to choose. How does social media, for example, relate to your business’ bottom line? We’ll show you some of the award winning social media websites we’ve designed for clients, as well as mobile web application solutions, web video, podcasting, content syndication, and advanced reporting, analytics, and metrics. Their successes can be yours.

CTC’s Global Content Management practice is broken out into distinct function areas:

1) Design and Usability

2) Development/Integration

3) Deployment

4) Taxonomy and Search

5) Reporting, Analytics, and Metrics

6) Customer Support Service