Cloud Computing and Distributed Networking

Cloud computing is a hot new topic in the IT industry, and CTC Managed Hosting is a standout in supporting cloud computing efforts. Often physical servers are underutilized. By combining physical servers into a cloud and running ‘virtual machines’ on top, less physical machines are needed to support the same services. This reduces startup costs and energy consumption, and increases return on investment. The cloud also gives a benefit of redundancy. In the event a physical machine fails, the affected virtual machines can simply be shifted to another part of the cloud without affecting services. These clouds can also be geographically distributed, assisting in disaster recovery and continuity of operations efforts. In addition, clouds can easily be expanded lowering startup times for new services.

CTC runs several cloud computing clouds and supports others. These include managing private clouds for clients wishing to maintain their own cloud computing environment. These clouds include both commercial and government clients.

Additionally, CTC Managed Hosting also supports clients in distributed networking efforts. The best example of this is CTC’s experience with using Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to distribute website data to 60,000 devices around the world using the Akamai network. This ensures that website visitors around the world are able to connect to a fast server nearby and access the website even when major portions of the Internet are unavailable. CTC also supports other distributed network efforts with the use of Geographic DNS targeting, load balancers, reverse proxies, and server clusters.